Cass Ethics



Edouard Larpin in London


2010 - 2011 Series

Cass Ethics is a series of video interviews about ethics in business with academic experts and leading practitioners. It is published every two weeks and is hosted by Edouard Larpin, a BSc Business Studies Final Year student at Cass Business School.

This series looks at how to apply ethics to real life business situations and aims to provide practical advice for managers and professionals. The Cass Ethics series is particularly focused on the balance between maximising bottom line profit and the impact of business on the wider society.

Latest Podcasts

episode 1 - Cass ethics with Paul Palmer: associated dean for ethics, sustainability and engagement

episode 2 - Cass ethics with Cameron Cartmell: diversity and inclusiveness at Ernst & Young

episode 3 - Cass ethics with Philip Booth: Christian perspectives on the financial crash

episode 4 - Cass Ethics with Roger Steare: ethicabilityŽ

episode 5 - Cass Ethics with Simo Dragicevic: online gambling


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