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Edouard Larpin

Founder & Editor-in-Chief


At 15 years old, Edouard decided to turn his passion for business into reality. He creates Web Papeterie, a small B2C and B2B stationery business based in France.

Relations with clients, colleagues, suppliers, and media introduced him to the business world. He was among the first to provide truly eco-friendly printing services to French businesses.

Various works experiences since then gave him a taste of the issues specific to some industries: the turnover rate in hotels, stock management in retail, shipping costs in media companies, risk management in Financial Services firm. His latest experience was in the Risk Advisory department of Ernst & Young, serving clients from the Financial Services industry.

Edouard is a final year student at Cass Business School in London (BSc Business Studies), aspiring for a career in Management Consultancy.

Business Ethics

Since ever, Edouardís profound fascination for the business world is counterbalanced by the scandals affecting it. In the middle of the financial crisis and the additional scandals that came with it, an unforgettable lecture by Roger Steare, Professor of Organisational ethics at Cass Business School, prompted him to create this blog and play a role in the discussions around where the limit between healthy and harmful profit seeking is.

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Contact: el@appliedbusinessethics.com